source: HINE


The project is led by the engineering firm, SENER, which will also co-ordinate activities related to the floating solution. The other leading Basque engineering firm, IDOM, will be responsible for the fixed solution, whilst two high-profile companies in the structure manufacturing industry, HAIZEA WIND and NAVACEL, will lead work packages related to XXL towers and transition parts, respectively. The Consortium is completed with the following participants:

DITREL, developer of an innovative concept of electrical connection to the wind turbine base; ERREKA, manufacturer of anchoring solutions for offshore wind power installations; JASO Tower Cranes, specialist in lifting systems; MUGAPE, expert in anti-corrosion surface coatings; and NAUTILUS Floating Solutions, developer of an in-house floating platform concept. The consortium is also supported by two centres of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network

Manufacturer of XXL towers and monopoles

Project leader and floating offshore solution co-ordinator

Fixed offshore solution co-ordinator

Manufacturer of transition parts

Development of innovative electrical connection systems

Specialised in fastening solutions

Specialised in lifting systems

Expert in anti-corrosion surface coatings

Developer of floating platforms